The New Patient Process

Step 1: New Member Application – All of our new patients fill out a health history instake form prior to starting care so we can learn about any past traumas or risk factors they may have.
 Step 2: Consult & Exam – The doctor will discuss any health concerns, and any pertinent information found on the health intake form. Postural, range of motion, and orthopedic exams will be performed.   
Step 3: Digital Spinal X-Rays  – When appropriate, X-rays will be taken. This provides an in-depth look at the spine and allows us to determine what type of care is best for the patient.
Step 4: X-ray Report – After the doctor has thoroughly evaluated all of the results from the exam and x-rays, she will review the results with the patient.
Step 5: Doctor's Report & Care Plan - The doctor will go over indepth explanation of what will get the patient the best results and give the patient a personalized corrective care plan to the patient. 
Step 6: Your path to greater health and a vibrant life for you and your family begins! As you begin your new journey with Chiropractic the doctor and staff will help guide you, and keep you up to date on all the office events, dinners, and workshops!

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